bath_rs.jpg"Your Special Day, The Bride's Way!"

Welcome to the British American Toastmaster, the toastmaster is unique not only to Florida but nationwide in the USA.  It all started back in England in A City Called Bath in the year 1705 by a man called Richard Beau Nash, in 1708 Richard Nash commissioned an assembly hall to be built in the city of Bath, and then would invite everyone for dinners, teas, breakfast concerts and balls. This proved so popular that in 1720 Richard Nash had arranged for a large ballroom to be built next door to the assembly hall, this involved an architect called John Wood who is famous for his wonderful Bath buildings, upon completion of the ball room Richard Nash would ring a bell to draw the attention of the guests and verbally announce the names of the guests upon arrival, this is also called the Master of Ceremonies.

The name Richard Beau Nash is intricately entwined with the city of Bath and it is often said that the city itself is his monument. He was a man who was able to use his talents in a way that suited him and truly found his niche in life.  The master of Ceremonies (Toastmaster) would arrange Balls, Dances, and gatherings and ensure they were run smoothly.

In 1894 William Knightsmith was the first official Toastmaster, and it was he who started to wear the scarlet coat, he was ridiculed for this but the Prince of Wales (King Edward the Seventh) approved the color and so it is today that you will see a toastmaster in a uniform which is a hunting pink coat. So called because the tailors name was Mr Pink. William Knightsmith served Seven British Kings, and many Princes.  
So I have decided to bring this very British tradition to the USA and to Florida In particular, I will be dressed in the uniform that you see in the pictures, and promise to enhance your special day.

The 21st century toastmaster has changed and should now be more focused on your personal needs, I believe that on your wedding day a toastmaster will not only provide professionalism, along with etiquette and tradition, but also you should get what you want.

I am pleased to offer you a modern approach to your requirements, which will often include a wider spectrum of duties and may also include attending your ceremony or service before your wedding breakfast or dinner. The glorious ceremonial red tailcoat is still one of the main features of your toastmasters dress, and when using me as your modern day toastmaster, I will be pleased to help in any way possible. I will be pleased to have more involvement with you and your functions should you wish me to, and coupled with a warmer, personable, and approachable manner, I am pleased to assist with many duties on your wedding day.